Why Engineers Ignore You and the Party is in Macau (Weekly Plotly Roundup)

We’ve posted a new roundup of the latest and greatest Plotly plots! Check out our full post with the interactive plots embedded to find more awesome content.

This chart comes from a Hired analysis of what separates successful interview requests (sent by employers to desired employees) from unsuccessful ones. One of the factors examined is the ratio of the “offered” position’s salary to the “preferred” salary the candidate declares on their profile. Read more…


Featuring 100 meticulously hand-drawn MC effigies, this flava-ful flow chart asks and answers a question of lexical freshness: Who boasts the most Brobdingnagian (that means biggest) vocabulary in hip-hop?

Produced and expanded in conjunction with Matt Daniels, and adapted from his original “Largest Vocabulary in Hip-Hop,” this polished, pumped-up print is 20% off for 24 hours only!