Charts 201 with Dante Shepherd

Good morning, everyone.  I’m Dante Shepherd.  You may know me from the webcomic “Surviving the World”, or perhaps you’ve just seen my face around the internet and asked yourself, ‘who is that charming, dashing scientist gentleman?’

As I’ve got a few of my chart comics in the soon-to-be New York Times best-selling book “I Love Charts: The Book”,  Jason was kind enough to ask me to be a Chartist-In-Residence for the day.  So I’ll be pulling some of my favorites from my archive and sharing them with you. 

I run my comic like a classroom - anyone who reads it beyond the fourth wall is sitting amongst the rest of the students - so let’s get started, shall we?  Sit down, pencils ready, and Chad, if you don’t knock it off, I’ll have you thrown out.

I know where I fit on this curve, and even before our new baby came along, I was far, far to the left.  I like greeting 2 AM too much.  If you can be friends with a minute of the day, I am friends with a minute of the day.

Is there anything more obnoxious than a hardcore morning person? Maybe someone pretending to be a hardcore morning person?

Did you know music is still played on the radio?  Ever since I first went to college, I’ve kind of forgotten that that is true, or that there are even non-college stations devoted to it.

You’ve never wondered if you were being insulted in disguise?

Also, faking outrage at the idea you were called a rock is great fun.

It’s not fame vs. skill.  Before you completely disagree with it.

(And yes, the axes are switched, but otherwise the joke doesn’t work.)

We all need a few tentacles in our lives.

To me, any flowchart is just a really ugly maze.

There’s more than one path to knowledge; it’s not always the same knowledge once you get there, either. But if you think it was easy to get there, you’re not at the destination you think you’re at.

It doesn’t even need to be a good one!

Every time!  EVERY.  TIME.

Love is really not that hard.

Let’s get to debating it rationally so we can get to the joyful inevitable sooner.

I think some of you college students are familiar with these, so here’s a reminder on how much you really need to study.

While we’re touching on college, let’s realize that with summer right around the corner, you’ll have a chance to break out of the established cycle!

This will be the last one for the day, so let’s address the one thing that holds the legitimacy of all the STW comics together.  And I know it’s not the blackboard.

Thank you, everyone! Class dismissed.

Well, that’s it for me for my time as Chartist-in-Residence!  I hope you enjoyed the chart comics you saw today.

If you’d like to see more, Surviving the World updates daily with new chalkboard lessons touching on just about everything.  You can also follow me on Twitter, on Tumblr, or the Carrier Pigeon Hangoutery if you want more scientific insight and bad jokes.

Hope to see you in class!