Hey everyone! Betsey Stevenson here from President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers. In honor of Women’s Equality Day, I’ll be taking over I Love Charts to tell the story of the progress we’ve made in closing the earnings gap between women and men, and the challenges women still face in the workforce. 

Let’s get started. Our first chart shows how women are increasingly contributing to family income and now make up about half the workforce. Since 2000, women’s labor force participation has dropped slightly, but most of that is because of cyclical factors and an aging population. While older women participate in the workforce at lower rates than younger women, the percent of older women who are working has increased since the mid-1990s, partially offsetting the overall decline.

At the other end of the spectrum, young women are more likely to be enrolled in school than they were a generation ago, and that’s good news. Since students (even ones who work part-time) are not considered to be in the labor force, increased school enrollment will depress the participation rate.

Wanna wonk out some more on this stuff? Check out our report on “Women’s Participation in Education and the Workforce.”

Crazy thrilled to announce that tomorrow, August 26th — Women’s Equality Day — White House economist Betsey Stevenson will be taking over the blog for a Chartist in Residence Day.

We are handing Betsey that keys to the blog, and she will be discussing the importance of ensuring women earn a fair and equal wage, promoting the women’s economic agenda, and using terms I will have to Google.

Thank you to the awesome team over at the White House for helping bring this together. Tune in tomorrow and learn some stuff from probably the smartest person to ever post on this blog!

Crown her with many crowns. The ILC fifth and only birthday party is so on brand right now!