Little People Birthday Chart (how to make your own)

I turn 26 today and need your help with something. Each year, my friend Scott and I choose a basketball player with a jersey number which corresponds to our age after whom to name the year. For instance, last year was the Year of Kerr. Before that, the Year of Kobe. Before that, the Year of Jordan, etc. 

The year tends to play out in some way related to the player selected, so we choose carefully, based on our aspirations for the year. The Year of Kerr was all about learning to harness our specific skill sets within team environments for maximum efficiency and ultimately for a whole bunch of rings — turned out to be pretty accurate. The Year of Kobe started out with me gunning for my own stats and pushing my own mental limitations to the point of unhappiness and ended with me embracing team concepts to better success. The Year of Jordan … let’s just say I’m waiting for 45 for a redo on that one.

This year, we are having some trouble. 26 is not a great year for jerseys. Right now, it’s between Kyle Korver (the bad: it makes this year a poor man’s version of last year with no championships, and it’s a weird time to be linked with Ashton Kutcher; the good: there is a good chance Korver gets a ring this year, and the Bulls are a great team to align oneself with — blue collar, selfless players), Hedo Turkuglo’s one horrible season with the Raptors (the bad: everything; the good: I just want to see what happens, and at least it means I’d be overpaid), Kermit Washington (the bad: known only for a punch; the good: known only for a punch) and Jud Buechler (hilarious!). Anyway, not exactly a murderer’s row. So, can anybody think of a better player or have a compelling reason I should go with one of these? My whole year depends on it!