We are thrilled to announce that tomorrow — Wednesday December 19 — Sarah Lazarovic, one of our absolute favorite chartists, will be doing a Chartist In Residence!

Sarah Lazarovic is an illustrator and filmmaker based in Toronto. She does a monthly charts page for The National Post. What she lacks in math skills she makes up for in enthusiasm for Venn diagrams. Sarah posts comics at SarahLcomics.tumblr.com. Her first book, A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy, an illustrated essay about not shopping, comes out with Penguin in 2014. For everything Sarah visit SarahL.com

Tomorrow, Sarah gets the keys to the blog and we let her do anything she wants for the day. She’ll be bringing brand new charts and whatever the hell else she wants to bring because she is so much cooler than us. Yay Sarah! Boo us! This is going to be the best!