d408k asked:
Are you pro second amendment or do you support this new legislation?
I answered:

I don’t accept this premise. I am both.

I’m pro compromise, common purpose, safety, reason.

Americans have been asked to give up many rights far more fundamental than the extremity of our personal arsenals in the name of safety. We allow ourselves to get patted down and disrobed in public, stopped and frisked while walking. Our calls and communications have been monitored without warrants. So prevalent is the degradation of our privacy, so entrenched the idea that “9/11 is why we can’t have nice things” that we are now in a tech environment that uses our personal information as a commodity and most of us don’t notice or mind. That’s the price you pay to play. You want in, you have to expose yourself. That’s what we have been asked to accept, the freedom we have been asked to give up.

We have also been asked to give our money and our friends (and for some of us, ourselves) to foreign conflict in the name of our public safety, notwithstanding the specious nature of much of our involvement.

Some of this has helped, some of this hasn’t, but it’s what’s been asked of all of us to protect the lives of those around us. And the process has contributed to the stagnation of both the American Dream of individual liberty and the American Dream of social mobility. The only group who has not had to sacrifice one modicum of their dream? Those who wish to use guns for recreation, sport and protection. Lost in the nebulous conjecture of potential threat is the stark reality that less innocent people would die with reasonable restrictions on gun ownership. And yet, the NRA has chosen to lash themselves to a (relatively modern) position of never giving an inch, that any regulation is the enemy (sound familiar?) and we all pay for it every time there is an episode of extreme violence like so many recent instances I need not cite.

People should be able to own guns, should be able to protect themselves but should be able to give up a bit on the margins to save lives. We give up a lot more for a lot worse reasons every day.