Hi people who love I love charts. I am your chartist-in-residence for the day. My name is Venn. My name is not Venn. But Venn would be a really cute name for anyone looking for an out-of-the-box but not too annoying name for their pet, plant or pig. I just looked up Venn for the first time. He was a logician and philosopher. He also had a primo beard.

I’ll be posting charts all day, but I’ll also take requests for on-the-fly charts. So send me a few proper nouns and a type of chart and I will make you a custom chart and post it today.

I am also happy to answer questions about charts, but I should caution you that I know absolutely nothing about charts. Happy Wednesday!

Venn Diagrams, Part 2
(via The System 401: Excited)

Another theory on Venn Diagrams: They are a simple storytelling technique. At the combination of two ideas or objects we can synthesize a third idea that is more than their obvious combination, but in fact a synthesis that changes our perspective of the previous two. Yes, charts can be a powerful tool. Also kinda bitchin’.

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